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Chez La Vieille

Chef Daniel Rose's new wine bar & restaurant is classic and fresh - just across the street from his wildly popular Spring Restaurant....

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Lay of the Land

The best meals will be found away from the city centre in unassuming locales, across bridges or tucked away in narrow grafitti-filled alleys - which are vibrant, lively and full of character....

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My Paris

My Paris is made up of more than 20 years of personal history with chefs, restaurateurs and the food & wine industry in general. We have shared many restaurant meals & an embarrassing amount of...

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Paris Restaurants Open Around Christmas and New Year 2016

If you are in Paris for the winter holidays (thank you for coming!) but don't want to get stuck sitting for hours in an expensive hotel dining room... these are my personal favourite fun alternatives...

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The One Important Difference Between a Restaurant and a Bistrot

Have you been surprised at the lack of "service" at bistrots and wine bars? Here's what you should know first....

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Food & Wine Tours

About Wendy Lyn Paris

Jump into the food scene with industry insider Wendy Lyn as your guide. Eat where the chefs eat, drink where the winemakers drink, and learn about bread, cheese & natural wine at artisan bakeries, award-winning cheese agers & popular local wine bars.

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