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Bistrot Paul Bert

The Bistrot Paul Bert is everyone's favorite for a reason. It has incredible food & wine, and looks and feels exactly the way you imagine an authentic Parisian bistrot to be....

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Lay of the Land

The best meals will be found away from the city centre in unassuming locales, across bridges or tucked away in narrow grafitti-filled alleys - which are vibrant, lively and full of character....

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My Paris

My Paris is made up of more than 20 years of personal history with chefs, restaurateurs and the food & wine industry in general. We have shared many restaurant meals & an embarrassing amount of...

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Top Picks for Paris Restaurants Open In August 2016

My top picks for Paris street food, wine bars and restaurants that plan to stay open all summer (with the exception of a few days here & there). This list is updated daily, so check back often....

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The Difference Between a Restaurant and a Bistrot

The words "Parisian bistrot" conjures up images of a romantic ambiance in a casual place, but still, many diners leave let down. Here's what to know so that you aren't disappointed either....

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Food & Wine Tours

Wendy Lyn Paris

Jump into the food scene on a private Paris food & wine tour with industry insider Wendy Lyn if you want to learn about chefs, restaurants, bread, cheese & wine on location at artisan bakeries, award-winning cheese agers & popular local wine bars.

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Where to Eat & Drink in London

Much like Paris – London’s northeast area is the hottest restaurant neighbourhood going with a huge concentration of the “it” addresses and wine bars, balanced with some gems in the centre of town. This is where to eat, right now.

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